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Index · Golems 101 · User Controlled Machines · Batteries · Distance Sensors

Function Modifiers · Decay Circuit · Memory Latch

  • Golems 101 - In this tutorial you will get a basic explanation of the tools of Golems' tool menu. You will learn how to work with them by building a very simple vehicle.
  • User Controlled Machines - Now that you have some general knowledge about Golems' interface, it's time to try making something you can control!
  • Batteries - Will give you a better understanding of batteries, signals, functions and switches.
  • Function Modifiers - Will give you a better understanding of how modifiers can receive, send and modify signals from various game components to create 'self aware' or automated machines.
  • Distance Sensor I - This tutorial will teach you how to build a simple vehicle that switches direction when a barrier gets in it's way.

This page is a work in progress. It is currently being updated to reflect recent changes.

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