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Mode menu (bottom right corner)
Mode menu (bottom right corner)

The mode menu is the set of buttons at the bottom right corner of the Golems workspace. They are used to toggle views and editing preferences.


Layer Mode

Layer menu options
Layer menu options

Layer mode is used to define groups of objects. You may name these layers for easier identification. You can also toggle layer visibility to isolate areas of machines.

Layer Options

  • New Layer - Create a new object layer.
  • Copy Layer - Copies selected layer.
  • Select Layer - Selects all objects in the currently selected layer.
  • Move to Layer - Moves all selected objects to a new selected layer.
  • Delete Layer - Deletes all objects within the selected layer.


  • Lock -
  • Hide - Hides all objects of the current layer.

Axis Mode

Confines movement of an object or group selected of objects along one axis, instead of to its movement plane. This is useful when making fine adjustments to an object, such as a wheel on an axle, where grid mode would be too cumbersome or restrictive.

Axis mode can be activated by pressing the tab key, or by clicking on the "Axis" indicator in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Sensors Mode

Will toggle the visibility of all sensor fields in the machine.

Snap Mode

Will toggle grid mode off and on. When on, all objects will snap to the workspace grid when moved in edit mode.

Static Mode

Toggles whether static objects can be selected or not.

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