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To ensure the best user experience in present and future versions of Golems, we need help identifying and tracking down problems with the game. We are currently using the forum to track problems. Please sign up and post in the troubleshooting section under the correct operating system thread.

What to Include

Please try to include all relevant information you can provide. If you are unsure about what type of information we need, a good place to start is this list:

  1. What is the problem? (game crash, functionality issue, etc.)
  2. If it is not incredibly apparent what may have caused a crash or problem, try to describe what you were doing prior to the problem.
  3. Are there error messages in the console window?
  4. Check your game log. (It is located in your ...\Machines\logs folder), post the last few log entries if they occurred at the time of your problem.
  5. Can you recreate the error?
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